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Our mission is to help business owners and sales professionals achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals. 

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We help Business Owners & Sales Professionals...

Event Sales Hub helps business owners and sales professionals achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals by providing sales programs in the form of remote Sales Directors, in person workshops, and live events.

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Remote Sales Directors

Company's with validated offers with current revenues of 7-8 figures

In-Person Workshops

Market, sales, & business workshops for business owners and team

Live Events

Speakers hosting their own events in need of high ticket professional closers

Pre-Event Ticket Sales

Our professional Closers calling your audience on your behalf.

In-Person Event Sales

Our professional closers representing you at your event

Post-Event Follow Up

Our professional closers ensuring best results

Offers & Pitch Decks

Our team of copy writers creating your offers & decks

Financing Offers

We finance your high-ticket coaching services

Sales Consulting

Want to build your own team of professional closers?

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Event Sales Hub will only work for your industry if your prospects have problems and your solution solves those problems.

Ask yourself what are the two biggest problems your prospects have? Write those down. Now also ask yourself, does your solution solve those problems? 

If your prospects have problems, and your solution solves those problems, then what’s the missing link? Can I suggest something to you? Could it be what you are saying, and more importantly NOT asking is causing your prospects to run the other way and not purchase from you?

Our professional closers know what specific questions to ask and how to delivery those questions to trigger your prospects to want to engage with you, 

So yes, the professional closers at Event Sales Hub will work for you and your industry. As you know, no product or service has ever been made that does not solve a problem. Even if you sell Luxury cars like a Lambo or Rolls Royce, that still solves an emotional need for someone to want to buy one right? Otherwise they would just go buy a Kia to get them from point A to point B.

So if your prospects have problems, and your solution solves those problems, then yes Event Sales Hub works for what you sell.

With the exception of a non-refundable down payment to cover the travel expenses of the closer or team of closers that will be working your next event, compensation is 100% performance based. 

Travel expenses include: Transportation, lodging, and meals. The exact amounts will vary depending on location and number of closers.

We use human behavior in our sales conversations with your prospects that will get them to persuade themselves, sell themselves, convince themselves to purchase your solution rather than you trying to chase them down, hoping and praying that they will want to buy.
I call that Hopium… Its a drug that so many salespeople and companies are on, where they hope and pray something they say will magically trigger the prospect to want to buy. 

Well the question really is, why did the other event sales agencies not work for you?

Can I suggest something to you?

It’s more than likely because what they were doing, does not work that well with todays, cautious, skeptical buyers..

Because frankly, other methods of selling work against how we’re wired as human beings, because they work against human behavior…

Not to mention almost every event sales agency you could work with has probably been using rigid consultative sales scripts that will, for the most part, trigger sales resistance and leave prospects feeling like they’re talking to a machine.

Now once you engage with Event Sales Hub, our professional closers will CHANGE all of that for you. Your prospects will start to PULL us in, rather than us trying to PUSH them to buy.

Do you see the difference?

Yes, that is why we have you schedule a zoom call with one of our members to go over different service options that we have for you. It all depends on the industry you are in, what type of event you plan to host, and what you really want to make. Those answers determine what programs we suggest to you.

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